About Us

Ukrainian Association of Physical Therapy (hereinafter – the Association) was established by the Constituent Assembly, which took place in September 2007 and was initiated by the Lviv Regional Association of specialists of physical rehabilitation. This was the result of nearly two-year active work during which divisions/centres of the Association were established in 16 regions of Ukraine. The Association is registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine as a Ukrainian non-governmental organization.

Founding of the Association initiated a new phase in the development of the process of physical therapy in Ukraine. The aim of providing physical therapy services is to achieve maximum independence, physical functioning and the highest possible quality of life for people with disabilities. Therefore, the establishment of the Association is our attempt: to promote and introduce high standards of physical rehabilitation activities, education and practice; to create a unified information environment; to develop partnerships and cooperation with Ukrainian authorities, as well as national and international organizations. By making our contribution to the overall health care system of the nation, we want to unite physical rehabilitation specialists from different organizations, rehabilitation and scientific institutions in order to create a structured system which will provide different rehabilitation services. We want to develop and strengthen various forms of cooperation between professional providers of the rehabilitation services and consumers of such services.

Our Goal:
To establish our status as a profession and promote the profession of “physical therapy” in order to develop high quality services which will meet the needs of people with disabilities. 


  1. Establish standards of physical therapy, maintain these standards, and develop requirements for the quality and scope of physical therapy services;
  2. Raising standards of education and professional development of physical therapists;
  3. Raising the professional level of physical therapists, the level of their certification and the level of payment for their services;
  4. Establishing contacts with rehabilitation centres, offices, medical facilities and educational institutions, and other related organizations in Ukraine and abroad as well as with individuals working in the sphere of rehabilitation for further cooperation with them.

We hope that the above information will be of benefit to you and that you will share it with your colleagues and friends. We are open for your comments and suggestions. 

Address of the Association:
86a, Chervonoji Kalyny Prospekt
Lviv, Ukraine 79049 

Chairman of the Association: Stepan Kobelyev.
Mob.phone / fax +38 050 269 36 67
e-mail: rehabl@ukr.net